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“A World where Schizophrenia is no longer a Life Sentence”

Our mission is to revolutionize the mental health industry by finding a cure for Schizophrenia.  An estimated 1% of the population (or 78MM people worldwide) suffer from schizophrenia; this is currently a life sentence. For those with strong familial ties or a loving support system, this means a lifetime of rotating psychiatric treatments and pharmaceuticals while internally battling the onslaught of symptoms, side effects from the pharmaceuticals, and the weight of societal judgments. For those without a support system that can advocate for care and help them maintain an effective care plan, a diagnosis of Schizophrenia often means a lifetime of drug and alcohol dependence and homelessness. Unfortunately, for those with and without a support system, suicide is a prevailing force as roughly 10% of people with schizophrenia commit suicide. As a family who has gone through this first hand, we know that even with all the love and care and best resources, the life of a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia is a half life. This is why our mission is not to bring awareness, nor change public perception, but to find the best and most brilliant minds to determine a cause and develop a cure. To give these people their lives back. Their full, best life. 

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