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Transitional Housing 

A Housing Community Offering Comprehensive Care for People with Schizophrenia

A Diagnosis of Schizophrenia registers like a shockwave for many people. Resonating out through one individual into family, friends and peers. Like all of us, individuals diagnosed with Schizophrenia need a ‘village’ to support them. As they venture through a quagmire of appointments and treatment options they are also often facing difficulties with work or maintaining steady employment and a place to live. Secondary housing options after inpatient treatment have done their best to bridge the gap for people and give them a ‘home’ while they try to stabilize themselves and their lives. However, for people experiencing a severe mental health condition, added support is vital to whether or not they succeed in maintaining a stable life. 



It’s time to build a Community. 


The vision we have for a new housing community for individuals with Schizophrenia is one with a built-in wrap around care system. Wrap around care is a comprehensive approach that provides individuals with severe mental illness access to an array of services such as medical treatment, housing, employment, and community support. The benefits of wrap around care and support include improved quality of life, reduced hospitalizations and homelessness, and increased social functioning. Wrap-around care services provide a profound impact on the success of each individual and it is our intention to provide these services as part of everyday life within the community. Every resident has an individual history and needs, providing care that meets each resident's specific needs is simply the way that it should be. Our housing community will host on-site services including access to a medical professional, medication management, transportation services, a fitness facility, access to a nutritionist, in-house employment opportunities, career counseling and off-site career opportunities with partner organizations. Individuals can live independently while receiving the necessary support to manage their condition, and benefit from a sense of camaraderie within the community. 


The housing community will be set on a property with plenty of green space. Forestry and trails to explore as well as a community garden and greenhouse to provide a variety of occupational health activities and also provide fresh fruits and vegetables to residents. The environment is as important as the support inside of it. There is no one path forward in a healing journey of any kind, and we are dedicated to providing paths that all lead to each resident’s success. 


Join us! Become a member of our community!

Help us make this the year of action!

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