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About Us

    Finding a cure for a debilitating mental illness requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks.  Founded in 2020, Lauren Marie LeVert Foundation to Cure Schizophrenia emerged out of a personal experience with Schizophrenia, and a deep desire to help those patients, families, and friends who are impacted by this disorder. Our mission is to find and fund the cure for schizophrenia by utilizing the technology at our fingertips today and partnering with the world's leading medical professionals.

    While many organizations exist to support the goals of reducing the stigma of mental illness, supporting families and caregivers, and providing access to resources for patients – we are the sole organization trying to find the CURE.  We do not think that a lifetime of treatment is the only answer, and we do not think that focusing solely on treatments is good enough for the millions of people whose lives are impacted daily by this debilitating illness.  We will work with the medical community to create standards of care for all patients needing evaluation for this ailment, to find the leading research currently in existence about the cause(s) for Schizophrenia, and to use technology and funding to guide the medical community in efforts to produce a cure. 

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