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Using technology to find and fund the cure for Schizophrenia

We are a young organization with an exceptional mission, to cure schizophrenia for the 1% of the world struggling with this debilitating mental illness.  Treatment for Schizophrenia exists.  But even with treatment the average life expectancy of a person diagnosed with this illness is 28.5 years shorter than it should be.  99% of those diagnosed require lifelong treatment.  An estimated 69% don’t ever receive the care they need.  Patients need a cure.  Schizophrenia is one of the top 15 leading causes of disability worldwide.  Economically 63 BILLION dollars are lost in direct and indirect costs related to Schizophrenia EVERY year.  Society needs a cure.  Loved ones face a tremendous burden emotionally and financially as they try to help.  Families need a cure. 
We will utilize AI to pinpoint the leading research, the most promising studies, and work closely with a team of medical experts to guide research and clinical trials towards a cure rather than new treatments.  Your donations and partnerships can help us find the CURE.

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