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Our Story

      In 2010 we lost a loved one, Lauren Marie LeVert, to Schizophrenia.  We witnessed the losses before that, the grief Lauren felt about how her life changed, the struggles with various medications, and the pieces of her that never really came back even with treatment and support.  We were some of the lucky ones in many senses. 


        Our family had the resources to push to get her treatment, to give her a home, to fight in court to be able to advocate for her - even though she was an adult.  We count our blessings in so many ways. 


        We know that many families and patients do not have access to what they need. 


        Over the 10 years since losing his daughter, Michael had often thought about starting a foundation to honor her memory, and he spent time actively exploring what that could and would look like.  Around the 10th anniversary of her passing, he began to put his research to work.  The family's mission?


        To find and fund the cure for Schizophrenia, bringing peace to the millions of people whose lives are affected daily by this devastating mental illness. 

        Our story is one of love and understanding, of humility and gratitude, and of the will to change the world.

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